No posts recently because I just finished moving all my worldly belongings to Brookline, but now I have so many new food options to explore!

First on the list was Superfusion on Washington Street –  recommended by a sushi-fanatic friend of ours I had high hopes.  The restaurant was really easy to find, but it took us a moment to figure out that we had found it.  Judging by the storefront and seating area, this place clearly does a lot of takeout, but we pulled up two chairs at the tiny sushi bar and made ourselves at home.  I always find it interesting when they let you sit that close to the food prep area.

We watched the chef make a roll a minute of all different types as the orders came in.  When he got to making ours, I was surprised that our 4 rolls filled an entire dinner plate.  I wouldn’t call myself a sushi connoisseur by I do happen to eat a lot of it and these portions were epic.  No wonder our hungry guy friend recommended it.

Spicy Tuna was very tasty and I’m not totally certain what else we ordered but they were all pretty good.  I think I’d stick to take out just because the dining space is small and the food is best for a decent quick bite.

Luckily they have a few locations in a couple different locations around the city.



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