Evernote is my new favorite thing

I’ve been using Evernote for a few months and have found it moderately helpful for keeping my life in order.  With the addition of both the Nook and Kindle tablets into our lives over the holidays, the program has become invaluable for the home chef.

I have a notebook dedicated to my recipes that I can search through my topic (dinner, dessert, etc) or by ingredient (chocolate) to find what I need.  Even better, I can view these recipes on my phone so I have a grocery list at the store on my way home from work.  And possibly my favorite use it while I’m cooking, I set up my nook in the kitchen to play pandora and read the recipe instructions.

Evernote seems to be one of those programs that actually becomes more useful as you add more viewing devices so I’ve also added it to my boyfriend’s devices so he can feed himself when I’m away and I can update his grocery list in real time.

Although I’m sure there are much fancier (read: more expensive) options out there, this works really well for the casual cooking couple.

(The above post is not sponsored and solely based on my own opinions and experiences.)


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