Kitchen Gadgets: SodaStream

We love kitchen gadgets around here. In fact, we’ve recently resorted to storing gadgets that don’t fit in the kitchen in our entryway closet and our office. We don’t have a huge kitchen, but we do have a ton of gadgets. Despite our storage conundrum, we recently snagged a SodaStream on sale at Kohl’s.

For anyone who doesn’t know, SodaStream came out a few years ago and it allows you to carbonate your own water. The company also sells flavored syrups that allow you create many of your favorite soft drinks with your DIY carbonated water. Personally, I always skip the syrups and opt for natural or low-cal flavors.

The SodaStream Genesis is the newest version and it’s pretty sleek. (Good news for our overstuffed counters.) One of the great features is that the machine doesn’t require any power because the CO2 tank is pressurized. This is great news because it means that we can store our bubbly friend on the bar in the living room, rather than the kitchen counter.




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