My New Hood

I’m just settling into my new apartment in Brookline (Washington Square to be exact) and the next step to becoming a native is knowing where to eat.

I’ve already written about Superfusion, which is a pretty good little sushi place.

I’ve also been across the street to Cafe Fixe which gets a mixed opinion from me at the moment. Admittedly I’m not really a coffee person but they had a pretty good selection of teas. (Although most of the were black teas and I’d like something more in the green/herbal family but that’s okay.) I was very happy that they have Naked Juice which is what I ended up getting. Overall it’s a cute little place and I think I should hit it up a few more times before I finalize my opinion.

I’ve also made my obligatory Thursday-night visit to Publick House. The beers that they’re known for are actually as awesome as people say. Don’t expect to walk in there and order a Sam Adams though, learned that the hard way a few years back. I love darker, more aromatic beers and even though I had no idea what most of the things on the board were, the bar tender was able to guide me based on my mainstream favorites. What really surprised me was the turkey burger was pretty good. Perhaps it was due to the 2 beers previously consumed and my raging post-work hunger but that’s neither here nor there.

And lastly, right around the corner is a Thai place called New Rod Dee. This was the first place I tried and actually the biggest disappointment. I don’t know the combinations of sauces and I don’t even know what most of the vegetables they use, but I know what tastes good and unfortunately the meal was a steadfast mediocre. To top it off, they only take cash which I stopped carrying when I stopped waiting tables so my future at this place looks very limited.

More places I hear I need to try:
The Abbey – for the fries

Anything else?